Expertise Area:

Nuova CERIVEN S.R.L. follows the market evolution to offer its customers innovative services. The company's history has always been linked to the opening of new processes in the customer management. The growth way of the company is marked by accomplishing major projects based on technologies and solutions that start with analyzing and accomplishing the processes\orders to allow their effective fulfillment. Our expertise area is to supply the original spare parts of the marks: Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Lancia, Abarth, Jeep and Iveco directed solely to the spare parts dealers. In our warehouse, there are over 50.000 types managed by 24 employees including office workers, warehouse workers, and the owners.


Nuova CERIVEN S.R.L considers the man as a point of departure and a point of arrival of each received order. For this reason, the way we work is guided by researching and studying of the new forms of the order management not as an objective but as a successful instrument for the customer. CE.RI.VEN’s aim since it was established is the constant attention to the changing of the market demand and the use of technology by the passage of the times, which led Nuova CE.RI.VEN S.R.L to become a leading provider spare part. The solutions applying aimed to the customers’ needs ensure a lasting investment with strong returns of the productivity: their satisfaction is the guarantee of our success.


Nuova CE.RI.VEN S.R.L recognized the importance of individuals within the order fulfillment processes and it’s conscious of the responsibility towards the customer. Every man and woman inside the building ensures, personally, the effectiveness and the quality, assuring the correct development in accordance with the procedures.

Nothing is left to coincidence and that's why our slogan is "Hurry cautiously" which means be quick but never to release a product without having reached the perfection. Nuova CE.RI.VEN S.R.L guarantees the delivery throughout the national area within 24/48 hours from receiving the orders confiding in qualified couriers with competitive costs.

In the settings of our site it’s possible to verify the availability of every single spare part in our stock and to be able to order. This procedure is valid for the registered customers and so the possibility for new members to register.